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Infyniti App

Bring the future of cleaning on your tablet

Infyniti App

4 good reasons to install it


Get the cleaning’s costs in advance


Change a variable cost into a fix one


Optimize your buying schedule basing on consumption pre-estimation


Follow the most appropriate product’s performances for the cleaning operations of your Plan

How does it work?

How does it work?

Infyniti by Arco Chimica is an innovative app for professional cleaning, it allows to define the Cost At Use for your cleaning routine by means of a customizable cleaning plan.

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Build up your own plan

For every cleaning plan it is possible to automatically get the general and the monthly supply requirement of Infyniti unit-doses as well as the environmental improvement (= the reduction of power, water, cardboard and plastic consumption and of CO2 emissions) compared to the traditional system. The environmental improvement is available also for every cleaning operation.

Find out more about Infyniti products

The app contains a constantly updated list of Infyniti products, with sizes and prices, the instructions for use and the technical and safety data sheets (accessible only to registered users) all available also in offline mode. It contains also the catalogue of Arco’s traditional products with their technical and safety data sheets (accessible only to registered users).

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Choose the most suitable product

Use the App to manage the entire supply-order process for Infyniti unit-dose products. To access this function subscribe the general sales conditions and wait for user’s registration (in some cases it might be necessary to contact an authorized distributor). Another very interesting function is the possibility to pinpoint which Infyniti product is most suitable for replacing a traditional one and to get the price difference between the two items.

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Easy. Quick. Effective.

It's easy

to use, you just need to know 3 data:

  • Sqm to be cleaned
  • Cleaning operations to be carried out
  • Cleaning frequency

It's quick

get your own cleaning plan in less than 55 sec.

It’s effective

pre-estimate the real cost for cleaning for every facility

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